About Us

A message from Jessica Smith, the queen of average:

I have heard from several people that they have a hard time with the term "average Mormon." This actually really surprised me because an average Mormon is something I long to be! I love and have been incredibly blessed by being just really average... I attend my Sunday meetings, participate in my calling, do my visiting teaching, read my scriptures, and pray. My life has not been very hard nor anything really out of the ordinary. In fact, even my name is incredibly average.

The beautiful part about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that even average members are noticed by our Heavenly Father and blessed continually. I want this blog to reflect that. There are countless members who are quietly doing their part and who have been blessed beyond measure. We all are certain that God knows us and loves us and is apparent in even the small details of our lives.

We have a divine commission, as average members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to share the good news with those around us. We are just ordinary people with an extraordinary message.

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Thank you for supporting us average Mormons!