A Quick Parable and A Change of Heart

There has been a story that has been on my mind a lot lately. It's not the easiest story to tell because it involves a mole--blech. Moles are gross to talk about and something that I generally shy away from. But, I feel like it is something that I should share, so here goes.

I was born with a dime-sized, dark mole on my back and one day my doctor recommended that we remove it. While I should have been happy to let this mole go, oddly enough, I was having a little bit of a hard time. I mean, I know moles aren't generally attractive, and they can cause health concerns. But for some reason I felt like the doctor wanted to remove something that was part of my identity.

It's weird to admit that I struggled with this decision for several days. Should I have something that is part of me removed? I was born with it. It's how I am. People would comment about it when we went swimming. Truthfully, I was kind of proud of this mole because it made me unique. I didn't know many others that had a mole on their back.

Hopefully you're seeing how silly I was being about this mole. I was holding so much of my identity in just one little teeeeny tiny part of me.

I finally allowed the doctor to remove my mole. After using the proper tools to remove it, she showed me so that I could have one last goodbye. Once this thing was removed I could see it for what it really was. Something that was concerning to my health, something that was ugly, and the doctor was the person who saw that clearly and had to nudge me towards becoming better.

This story has come to me time and time again when I hold on to certain aspects of myself that I know the Great Physician wants me to remove. It's such a wrestle because I think it's something that is part of my identity. The Spirit then helps me remember what my mole looked like to me after it was removed, when I could see it for what it really was.

We are children of God who have endless possibilities, I would encourage each of us to allow the Spirit to guide you to remove the mole you need to remove. I hope the Spirit can help you see these things for what they really are, not worthy of the person that we are meant to be.

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