An Answer to a Prayer, A lesson to be taught.

By Ajay

This past Saturday, I had a chance to serve and yet learned a valuable lesson. I had just returned from work early afternoon and was getting ready to go mow my lawn, when I received a phone call from Angie, a friend of mine. My phone was on vibrate so I barely heard it in time before I went to my room. When I answered the call, Angie's voice was in concern and she asked if I was busy. I told her that I was free and she then said that her bunny by the name of Pancake had escaped her opened cage and took off. Angie asked for help in looking for the bunny and I was out the door as quick as I could to get to her friends house where the bunny was staying. When Angie walked out the door, you could see the panic, and worry on her face. I tried to calm her, telling her it would be okay. Pancake was last seen next door to her friends house around 7am, but the neighbor didn't know that it belonged to an owner. The lady explained to us in what direction Pancake was going and we started there. We found ourselves in a big field and my thoughts of where Pancake could be, were overtaken by the many instincts of a bunny. What is it scared of? How fast can it run? Where does it feel most comfortable? I asked these questions to Angie and she did her best to answer them while still frantically looking. Angie then said, “Ajay, maybe we should pray?” I immediately agreed and we got on our knees to do so. Angie said the prayer, and it does it no justice in even the least bit to explain what I felt as Angie, with her voice quivering, mind spinning and heart poured out to Heavenly Father, prayed with sincere intent asking where Pancake might be and that we would find it. Think of it, a child of Heavenly Father pleading to find one of His loving creatures who was lost. I teared up just a bit, but was able to keep my emotions in check long enough to not let Angie see. Her prayer gave me hope that WHEN we would find Pancake, we would find him alive. We started our search and thought of where Pancake could have gone. Angie was surprised that Pancake had even left the yard. I called another friend, Brent, to come help and he was willing to do so.

The search started at 11:47am. We looked in fields, tunnels, and backyards. Angie made flyers with a picture of Pancake on it asking for those who may see it to call her. However, efforts to find Pancake were coming up empty, and the failure to find the bunny was taking a toll on Angie. It was two hours later and the wind started to blow and clouds threatened to storm itself on top of us. My desire to find the bunny was starting to get anxious knowing that Pancake could be outside and alone. Angie and I were walking on the side of the street, hope seemed to be crawling further away from her grasp. She then sighed and nearly in the thought of giving up, asked, “We aren't going to find him are we?” My mind was ready to answer but before I could even take a breath Heavenly Father reminded me, in vision, that sincere and heartfelt prayer that Angie gave just a couple hours earlier, persuading me to respond....with no response at all. I felt it was my job to stay calm, and have faith..the same faith that I had when Angie ended her prayer. Another hour was coming to a close when I walked into a backyard, and then saw a barn. As I was about to walk in, something held me back. I all the sudden got spooked by something. Maybe it was the chickens in the cage (I've always hated chickens..except when cooked), maybe it was the some cords that were laying on the ground that looked like snakes..but nonetheless, I took a couple steps further in, and then saw, straight ahead of me behind two boards, a bunny. It sat there barely even moving. I didn't want to startle it so I slowly walked out then sprinted to the yard where Angie was, called her over and with her ran back to the barn. I told Angie that if it was Pancake then it would recognize her voice. She walked in, and called it by name, the bunny didn't move. She then squatted down next to the boards, reached out her hand to grab it and was able to bring it out from the trapped area. It was Pancake. Angie's voice said it all. She thanked me, and I in turn immediately thanked Heavenly Father. So many lessons to learn of this experience, for me. First, Heavenly Father answers prayers, as long as you keep believing and searching..He'll answer, in His own due time and in His own will. Second, Heavenly Father loves everybody and everything He has created. As I mentioned earlier, a daughter of Heavenly Father pleading for help to find one of His'd have to be there to experience the feeling I had of love for both of them. Third, when doubt creeps in, take yourself back to when you first had that incredible amount of faith that it was all going to work out for you. Fourth, when Heavenly Father has answered your prayer, your fears are vanished, your heart stops trembling, and your doubts are washed away..remember why. When I returned home I quickly went to my room, got on my knees and offered a heartfelt prayer, and started to cry. This time, it was to thank Him for answering a prayer and teaching me that when we are in the service of our fellow being, we are in the service of God. 

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