Lost... and Found

by Vivienne Lewis

Several weeks ago I had misplaced my glasses. I searched everywhere. I couldn't understand how they could just "vanish." I tried to think of all the possible places they could be, but no luck. I prayed that I could find them. Still nothing. I had to use an old pair of glasses so I could read, but they were awkward and not the right strength. Soon the headaches started, so I prayed with more earnest. But I couldn't find them. After a day, Crismon (my husband) joined in praying for them, too.

I was baffled after a day past and then two. Why was I not being inspired where to look for them? I thought I had gone through every room in the house, even rooms I hadn't been in for awhile in the basement.

One morning as I was praying again, pleading for help to find them as I didn't have insurance for a new pair, the thought came so clearly to my mind and heart, "I have lost much. I have lost so many of my children." I immediately felt so humbled to think that Heavenly Father's loss was so much greater than any loss I would ever experience. I was making a big deal over the loss of my glasses, but suddenly I needed to change my desires and my prayers. I prayed this time, "Heavenly Father, who of your children have you lost that you want me to find?"

With that change of heart, also came an answer to my prayer to find my glasses. Just 15 minutes later I found them. I walked into the downstairs bathroom and there they were in plain sight on the counter! It almost scared me to see them. I then realized that I had searched the basement but hadn't gone into the bathroom. It was almost like I wasn't suppose to go in there. I remembered that because the garage was so frigid cold that I was going to do some wash in the basement, but instead didn't do it. Otherwise, I would have seen my glasses much sooner. I know that I didn't find them because I had a lesson to learn first.

Although, each day Crismon and I have been praying for missionary opportunities, this experience helped me feel that desire in a different way. That became clear to me after the Saturday evening Stake Conference meeting. Crismon had asked permission to use my story about losing my glasses as part of his talk on missionary work. He told the congregation that I was always the one in the family who would find everything if it was lost. It was like, "Mom, we need you to pray." The kids would call and ask me to pray for them if they needed something, because Mom's prayers were always answered. But this time, it was different. He shared my change of heart and my prayer to help find someone who was "lost."

Immediately after the closing prayer a brother in our stake approached me and said, "May I be the first one to ask you to pray for someone who is lost. It is my wife. She hasn't been to church in several years." I was surprised to hear this as I knew what a stalwart member she had been. Of course, I said.

I called this sister a few days ago. I was nervous because I was afraid how she might react to me calling her. To my surprise, she was kind, sweet, and appreciated my call, and....we're going out to lunch. The process has just begun.

The picture on this card is called "Winter Save." It is the story of the Shepard tending his flock, the cowboy rescuing the calf from the storm. Isn't it appropriate that he is bringing the calf in from the cold, just like rescuing one of God's children. We bring them in from the cold and warm them with the light of the gospel and the spirit of the Holy Ghost. This card was sent to us by a stake member after our Stake Conference, expressing her gratitude.

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