Look For The Light

This post is by Christopher Udall.

Finding God through surfing is not what I expected when I got out of class on a beautiful Aloha Friday. Like any other day after class I grabbed my surf board and headed to the beach. For the past year I have been going through some very difficult trials that have really got me down. Surfing has been my only release and on this Friday it has given my a new perspective on life. The waves where raging on the north shore of Oahu and I was so exited to get out there. As I was paddling out I entered what is called the impact zone, or the area where the waves are crashing down on you.

As I attempted to get through this zone I was smashed by a very large wave and was sent tumbling into the coral reef below. I felt very disorientated and out of breath. I needed to go up, but I didn't know which way that was. Then I saw light. Light means sun, sun meals sky, sky mean air.  When I got back on my board I realized that my hardships and struggles in life where like the impact zone. It hurts and its very disorientating but all you need to do is look for the light and go up. The light is air and safety. The light is God. In life we all go through very difficult times. Sometimes we may feel suffocated and disorientated, but it is only momentary. All we need to do is to look for Christ he is the light.

Getting through the impact zone is not easy nor is it fun, but it is worth it. Once you make it through all you have left to do is ride the wave.

For those caught in Life's impact zone look for Christ and know that the joy is soon to come.

1 Peter 1:7 "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ."

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