Let us Relish Life

Another great post by Ajay.

As we reach the age of accountability and responsibility, we also find that our time for hobbies and interest becomes more dim. Our bucket list items seem to be crossed off at a lesser rate, and the stress of those deadlines in work, school, and other commitments rise to a level that can make us question, if we can ever just enjoy the journey.

I'm the Executive Secretary in the Bishopric of my singles ward and have been so for almost 3 years now. Add that in with school, two jobs, producing a play, and trying to keep up with friends and family, and this can almost put me on the verge of locking myself in my room, pulling up Netflix and forcing myself to watch a chic-flick. ALMOST.

Now in no way am I complaining, I mean there is at least a million other people in the world having as or even more of a busy life as me. But I found a quote the other day, that kind of set things in perspective for me. It's by President Monson, in the First Presidency Message of August 2011, and he says, "Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey and share our love with friends and family. One day, each of us will run out of tomorrows. Let us not put off what is important."

Read that last line again... "Let us NOT put off what is IMPORTANT." It made me wonder, what is important to me? Does it align with Gods priorities? And if not, then it's time to change that. I'm not saying that our worries, concerns, important or wanted desires are being ignored by Heavenly Father, simply because it is not on His agenda. But sometimes we (and this certainly puts me at the top of list) worry about things that we can't control, that are maybe to far in the future to be thinking about, or we are just worrying to much about. What we can do, is do the best that we can with the best the we have. But as we travel through life let us remember what is important.

That is, praying so we can tell Heavenly Father where we are in the midst of in our lives, or what adversity we are dealing with and that we need strength, or what our heart righteously desires. What is important, is going to the scriptures and seeing what Heavenly Father has to tell us. Scriptures answers prayers and that is something I KNOW. What is important, is family and being with them, being a good example to them, and loving them with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Families are never perfect, but we can be a positive light to help make the home better each day. What is important is to understand that we are imperfect and allow Him, who is the center of the Gospel, to be the center of our lives--He being Jesus Christ.

As we apply these important aspects to our lives, than we will or continue to "find joy in the journey." I love the Gospel, I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and all of you Just An Average Mormons. I read the posts on this blog daily, and I am continually amazed at the faith, hope, and charity I find in your stories. Oh how you all are truly admired by me. Thank you for always showing me what's important, and how to be truly happy. God Bless each of you. And may you all be blessed in Relishing life, living it, finding joy in it, and sharing that love with friends and family as you have done with me through your thoughts, words and great examples.

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