By [Sharing] Small and Simple Things... Online

In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Alma shares this thought, "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." We are so lucky this is true! Like many, I want to make a huge difference, however, I am just small and simple. There are many that do more, give more, are smarter, wiser, better writers, etc. And that's okay because I believe what Alma says here is true. 

I Felt Like I Needed to Go and I'm Glad I Did

A lovely post by Ashlee.

Do you ever wonder why some of the greatest life lessons are learned in the most ordinary circumstances? The tale I have to tell is of such an experience.

It was an ordinary night and I was sitting on my bed watching Netflix, knowing full well that I was missing a church activity. I was perfectly content to sit in my room all night until I received a text reminding me that the activity was happening. My guilty side was persuaded and I decided to go to the activity. I wasn’t going to dress up though, they were getting my presence, they would have to be okay with shorts, hoodie and flip-flops. Of course no one cared what I was wearing and I was welcomed like I had just come back from war. Throughout the course of the night I discovered something... I was having fun. I had conversations about books, movies, life, vacations, with people I only knew from church who I had probably said 5 words to. 3 hours passed and I realized that I was enjoying my current company, the cool breeze, and one of the last summer nights we would have for a long while.

Let us Relish Life

Another great post by Ajay.

As we reach the age of accountability and responsibility, we also find that our time for hobbies and interest becomes more dim. Our bucket list items seem to be crossed off at a lesser rate, and the stress of those deadlines in work, school, and other commitments rise to a level that can make us question, if we can ever just enjoy the journey.

I'm the Executive Secretary in the Bishopric of my singles ward and have been so for almost 3 years now. Add that in with school, two jobs, producing a play, and trying to keep up with friends and family, and this can almost put me on the verge of locking myself in my room, pulling up Netflix and forcing myself to watch a chic-flick. ALMOST.