Seeing Miracles

This post is by Jeremy Wells.

One of the greatest blessings of my participation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I feel honored and amazed whenever I am able to receive specific guidance and instruction from the Holy Ghost. Recently I have been reminded of the important role of the Holy Ghost in helping me understand what is happening all around me--miracles.

As a teacher at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) I have such a great chance to discuss the basic doctrines and truths of the gospel on a consistent basis. Just last week my missionaries and I were discussing the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. As missionaries shared different experiences in which the Spirit has touched, instructed or influenced their conversion one sister made a comment that has helped me see the ways in which Heavenly Father has helped me become converted throughout my life.

This sister said that the Holy Ghost helps us to see miracles. In other words, without the Spirit testifying to our hearts it is unlikely that we will recognize a miracle for what it really is. Without the Spirit we may disregard the hand of God for mere coincidence or luck. She then shared a story when her precious kittens had gone missing. After much searching the kittens were nowhere to be found but after a simple heartfelt prayer to God a soft meow was heard from among the bushes and the kittens were found. She knew at the time that Heavenly Father answered her prayer so that she would have a greater testimony of His love for her. Had the spirit not been in her life the experience never would have strengthened her relationship with God.

As I have pondered this idea I have been reminded by recent experiences I have had when the Holy Ghost has helped me recognize a miracle for what it really was. As Amy (my wife) and I recently drove to California for a fun vacation we had some car troubles just past Mesquite Nevada.  Several pieces of the plastic covering on the bottom of the engine had fallen loose and were dragging and tearing as we drove down the freeway. We were "lucky" enough that nothing major occurred. We were also "lucky" when a highway patrolman stopped to check if everything was alright and suggested a car dealership that would be able to help us out. We were afraid that we might be delayed for hours as the dragging pieces made it difficult to drive, but we were "lucky" enough to make it to the dealership without problems and they quickly cut away the torn pieces free of charge and we were able to continue on our way without problems.

As we continued on our trip we felt extremely blessed. Nothing major had happened. Nothing was extremely dangerous, nor did anything particularly miraculous happen, but because of that experience we both felt an increased gratitude towards our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for that experience simply because it provided an opportunity for the Holy Ghost to dwell in our hearts and remind us of the continuous goodness and love that our Father and Heaven shows to each of us.

Many such small experiences in my life have helped me come closer to and understand my Father in Heaven more. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and that through His companionship I can be led to see the miracles, big and small, in my life.

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  1. Wow! You are great! That was such a simple experience and could easily be overlooked. I know it was by the Holy Ghost that we were able to see that the Lord really did have a hand in our lives.