Those Speechless Moments Connected with Eternity

This beautiful post was written by Jess Adamson.

*disclaimer* there are many people involved in these stories that are not mentioned, but it doesn't mean they are not important.....I just figured you probably didn't want to be reading this blog post for hours on end....

There is something to be said for speechless moments. The ones where no words could adequately describe the raw emotion in your heart...

I have only had a few of these in my life, and they all seem to revolve around the principle of Eternity.....

Remember my baptism I told you about a few months ago? Well there was something about that day that I left out.  My dearest Grandfather was the one waiting for me in that water....

Before that day, he had watched my crazy teenage life progress with great anticipation in his eyes, because unlike me, he had always known my potential. He always saw me as a beautiful daughter of God, but he knew that I didn't see it.

The day I told him that I had made the decision to be baptized, he was speechless, and told me that he would be HONORED to be the one to baptize me.

Just a few short weeks later, there he was, dressed in white, ready to help me make that next step in my life. I was so overwhelmed that day. I never knew so much happiness could reside inside of me.....

Almost exactly six years later,I had the chance to go through the temple... once again, my Grandpa was there, dressed in white, ready to hold my hand and just be with me and help me through the next stage of my life. I was overwhelmed and speechless. In complete awe of the blessings only the temple can provide. The blessings of Eternity.

A year and a half went by, and there I was again, in the temple, with the blessing of Eternity looking at me through the eyes of my very sweet husband. I was married that day, and my Grandpa was I sat speechless, and overwhelmed, ready for my next stage of life.

Two and a half years later, my Grandpa stood, with my  Husband, Alex, holding my infant son in their arms, as Alex gave him a name and a blessing.  There I was, once again, speechless and overwhelmed as this new stage in my life began.

When my second son was born, my Grandpa was there again, holding him in his arms as Alex gave him a name, my Grandpa's name, and a blessing. 

A few months ago, I went to Logan for a wedding. My Aunt offered to watch my boys for me while I was gone, and I went to pick them up, my Grandparents were there.  While talking with Grandpa, I noticed something was off.  He was struggling a bit to say what he wanted to say.  He seemed a little confused. 

I called my mom on my way home and told her that I thought my Grandpa had suffered a stroke....over the next few weeks, however, we found out that it was MUCH WORSE than a stroke. It was a VERY AGGRESSIVE form of Melanoma. His prognosis wasn't good.

Despite fighting as hard, and bravely as his body would allow, my Grandpa passed away on June 4th.

In some ways, his cancer was kind; it gave me a couple of months to wrap my head around the thought loosing him;  to cope with the raw and consuming grief that comes in times such as these.

Last night, I walked into the church, and my Grandpa was there, dressed in white.  I sat, looking into the casket, speechless, and overwhelmed at the thought of the next stage of my life beginning without him.

My Grandpa is someone I have never had to live without. He was constant factor in my world of variables.  He will sorely be missed.  BUT, I KNOW that he is in a beautiful place.  Somewhere that the pain of cancer will never affect his body again. I know, that because of the blessings of the temple, my Grandpa will never be too far away. 

Its amazing to me that promise of Eternity can so soften the sting of grief.

Families are forever.  I am grateful for that now, more than I ever have been.

In loving memory of Hyrum Senn Henderson
January 20, 1928- June 4, 2013

If you have an extra ten minutes, listen to this. Its amazing.....

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