The Great Plan of Happiness

This post is by Derek, a fantastic home teacher.
Just last Sunday, in our Gospel Doctrines class, I learned something really neat.

We were studying a talk that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave to the young women of the church. He talked about God's individual plan for each of us.

The part that I liked the most was when he talked about enjoying life right now. He shared how we each have problems and struggles and that sometimes life is hard. Many times we don't enjoy life now but look forward to some future time when we will be happy.

God doesn't want this for us, He wants us to be happy and enjoy life throughout. God's plan is for us to be happy and we can be so even if we are only working toward our goals. It was something that really helped me out, it made me realize that maybe not everything is turning out like I planned or hoped but that doesn't me everything is lost.

I think it's something everyone can benefit from and will help us all out in the long run.

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