My Testimony

This post is by my amazing sister, Jamie. She's such an example to so many!!

Recently I've realized that a person can easily fall away from the church just by not living the gospel
principles that are the most important on a daily basis. I don't ever want this to happen to me.

I have been inspired by other people and the Spirit to become better at prayer. When I stop praying I feel very alone. I have family but, by not praying, I don't have my Heavenly Father guiding me every step. When I don't pray, it becomes just me, guiding me. And I don't like that.

I know that the Spirit wants us to pray and so we should.

I know that through praying we can know that the church is true. And when we pray life becomes easier and better. I love being at BYU Idaho and having the Spirit here on a frequent basis. The other day I was sitting at devotional at BYU Idaho and I had the prompting that Joseph Smith really is a prophet of God and so is President Monson.

I know if we follow our childhood habits, such as praying we can have the Spirit and we will remain strong.

Through praying during my trials I have become closer to the Lord. Even if it takes many years for you to find an answer to your prayers, it's okay, you know you've taken the path Heavenly Father wants you to take. And that's the best way to go.

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