How an Orange Cow Answered a Prayer

This post is by Lisa Puga, a kind and caring person!

A few days before Mother's Day, our plans changed. The afternoon and evening opened up, and my husband and I took our two small children to visit two sweet elderly sisters. We hadn't visited them since our move to a different city about a year earlier. A visit for Mother's Day seemed highly appropriate, especially considering our extended family lives far away and these sisters never married and have no children.

Knowing how a handmade picture from a child can bring a smile, I encouraged my three-year-old son to make a Mother's Day picture for them. His current obsession is animals. He decided an orange cow would be better than any picture of flowers and hearts. So be it. Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day!" like an orange cow, right?

When we arrived, Dorene accepted the pumpkin-colored paper bovine graciously and welcomed us in. During our visit we learned that the past few weeks and months had not been easy for these dear sisters. A close friend, a brother and a cousin had all passed away. That very day, the sisters had buried the beloved cat they had taken in years earlier when the a scrawny famished kitten showed up at their door.

As if the day hadn't been hard enough, Dorene's bronchitis seemed to be getting worse. She asked my husband for a priesthood blessing for the healing of the sick. After the blessing, she expressed her gratitude for the comfort and the love she felt from the Lord. She said our visit was an answer to their unspoken heart-felt prayer.

We went only expecting a nice visit with some friends. We hadn't known how these sisters were feeling that day, but God did. I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who answers our prayers and sometimes allows us to be the answer to another person's prayer.


  1. What a wonderful story. You were inspired to go there!

  2. Love this! Your family is such a great example of following those promptings and putting faith into action by DOING. I love it! What great moments of learning and Spirit for your little man.