I Love All of God's Children

The following post is written by Ben Jenkins, an avid adventurer and family man. The quotes he shares are from President Boyd K. Packer's talk, "These Things I Know."

"Alma taught that “the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.” In order to understand this, we must separate the sin from the sinner.

For example, when they brought before the Savior a woman taken in adultery, obviously guilty, He dismissed the case with five words: “Go, and sin no more.” That is the spirit of His ministry.
Tolerance is a virtue, but like all virtues, when exaggerated, it transforms itself into a vice. We need to be careful of the “tolerance trap” so that we are not swallowed up in it. The permissiveness afforded by the weakening of the laws of the land to tolerate legalized acts of immorality does not reduce the serious spiritual consequence that is the result of the violation of God’s law of chastity." -Boyd K Packer

I think I can honestly say that I love all of God's children. Maybe not perfectly, but I love them the same. As a Mormon I grew up learning to serve others and as a result I learned to love them. To me being tolerant means loving people no matter what they do or say. This does not mean that I agree or condone their actions or behavior it means I love them and I want to do everything I can to help them in their pursuit of goodness as I strive in mine.

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