I Know My Worth: Part One

This post was written by the one and only Marci, who is the queen of all things Average Mormon graphics.

I love yard sales. I love the anticipation of not knowing what you'll find. I love shuffling through random objects and then finding that one, unique item that you instantly know what to do with or where to put it in your home. And then of course being able to buy that item at a relatively cheap price is always nice. ;)

The thing with yard sales, is that the seller can list a price but the customer always has the ultimate control on what they are willing to pay. The customer determines the worth of an object.

A month or so ago, this analogy really hit me. We are like the items at the yard sale and the world is trying to tell us what we're worth. If we're pretty or if we're smart. If we're useful or if we're not. But in truth, they have no say in our value because it is the costumer who will determine that. And thankfully, we have already been bought by our Savior Jesus Christ.

When Christ lived on the earth, He lived a perfect life. No sin. No weakness. And because of this perfection, He was able to perform the immense task of paying for our sins through the atonement. He knew this plan beforehand. He knew what it meant, that He would suffer and die for the mistakes and sins of all mankind. He knew the price that would be paid for each of us. For me. For you.

And He still did it.

He "suffered death in the flesh; wherefore he suffered the pain of all men, that all men might repent and come unto him." (D&C 18:11)

That means that I - with all of my problems, mistakes, worries, flaws, weaknesses, etc. - was worth it.

So when the world tells me that I'm not busy enough or trendy enough or smart enough, I just smile and nod. Because I simply don't care what they have to say.

I know what my worth is. I am a daughter of God. He has blessed me with gifts and talents, with a family and friends, with a knowledge of His love and His truth. I have a Savior who willingly took my pain because He also understands my infinite worth, that I am somebody important. That I am worth it.

We all are.


  1. I just found this blog through FB, and I think I'll be back every day! Thank you, for a beautiful analogy. The world is tough on women as a whole; it's great to know our real worth. :)

  2. Glad you found our blog! Thanks for commenting! And yes, the world is tough on women. It always good to share who we really are :)

  3. amazing! I never thought about it that way before. Thank you!